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Consolle “Roma”


Scrittoio radica lombardo                


Ribalta dei Venti                

-  Lastronature di 3 mm. in noce e bois de

-  Finitura a gomma lacca.
-  Epoca 1680 Veneto
-  Modello creato da rivisitazioni dell'epoca.
-  Ottima costruzione artigianale con

    ntersezioni di ebanisteria.

Chest of drawers "Delfini"                

Reproduction of chest of drawers made by G. Maggiolini in 1760 in boxwood, palisander, ebony, olive tree and other precious woods on G. Levati’s drawings The craftsman uses the same techniques and materials of the period. 3 mm veneering in natural wood and shellac polishing

Round table Luigi XVI                

3 mm veneering in walnut, cherry wood, maple and rose wood Shellac polishing Around the 1780 period Model inspired by refine tables of the same period Excellent craftsmanship.

Venetian trumeau                

Typical trumeau of XVIII century’s Venetian’s magnificence 3 mm veneering in walnut briar-root of Ferrara The glass engraved in silver is the work of Venetian masters. Our realisation is faithful to the original in its interpretation and regional tradition. Shellac polishing

Comò radica castagno                


Writing desk Prinotto                

Veneered writing desk with drop-leaf in palisander, ebony and inlays in ivory pulp and mother of pearl first executed by the cabinet-maker. L. Prinotto around 1670 The portraits of ancient gods executed in ivory were engraved with a burin and shaded with umber

Comò XVII Veneziano                


Tavolino "Conchiglia"                


Tavolino quadrato basso "Parquet"                


Tavolo "Ginevra"                


Tavolo "Versailles"                


Credenza Firenze                


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