OUR WISH “The artists' workshop” is the first web site that opens the door to an antique job and introduces you to a world where furniture making means art.

In remembrance of the people who contributed to make Italy a museum, let us recall the names of some of the most important masters in cabinet-making :G.Maggiolini, P.Piffetti, L.Prinotto, G.Mafezzoli, A.Gerli, L.Ravelli, not forgetting other less known but equally important Venetian cabinet-makers of XVIII century.  
  At this point, the moment has arrived for us to share to joy of been able to admire, discuss or even possess some of this masterpieces ( we mean with patience to wait and lasting for a whole life). These re-proposed pieces are all numbered and accompanied by an identity document which certifies its historical origin, its style and confirms its craftsmanship using the same techniques as the ones of the period mentioned. While expecting a new-born we hope to have touched your artistic sensibility, which gives, Italian artists, the opportunity to promote culture in the right way and thus keep alive Pinocchio’s tale for many centuries ahead.

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