OUR MESSAGE “The artists' workshop” is the first web site that opens the door to an antique job and introduces you to a world where furniture making means art.

If Man always tends to run after the minutes and seconds, there is always someone who tries to invert the trend and even creates the trend. Well, I think that this artists’ workshop (La bottega degli artisti”) is one of these true cases: sons of a poor land but rich of good will and true values, they discovered a passion for cabinet-making. On the basis of family traditions, they developed over the years their best qualities: handiness, refinement, knowledge and creativity by observing the great masters’ works identifying themselves to them up to the point of feeling able to reproduce their works perfectly using the same techniques and above all taking the same time.    
  This last element is essential for a good outcome as this is the soul of every masterpiece, necessary to make it come alive, noble and time lasting. This is the counter tendency in a fast, frivolous) and often superficial world. I could say that here lies a segment of art, between casual and original choices of woodtypes , models, designs, and collaborators who are also meticulous and curious to be able to create happily and to bring to life their own work. It is another world, small but sharp, a world that penetrates by touching the beauty of the soul and ennobles it to such a point that the wealth is true and inner.

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